Advance Teacher Training Testimonials

" I recently did your course and then went back to try it out on one of my severely dyslexic students. I had given up on her being able to spell because I had been trying with her for years and I achieved barely anything. I tried out your ideas and in a matter of weeks she has started to spell and use correct spelling in her writing. She’s rapt, her parents are rapt and I feel like I have witnessed a miracle. Thank you. I hope you realise that your work is making a difference in people’s lives.

Yours very gratefully"

Trish Morton


" Many thanks for your presetation on guided reading last Friday. It was very well received by our staff, who thought it relevant, practical and that your sense of humor kept the tone of the day upbeat. I have already had several people come to me to share what action they have taken as a result of the professional learning. You can't get much better than that!

I look forward to future contact with you."

Jillian Wilks, GiRLST, Bridgetown Primary School


"Our staff team at Pedare have responded well to their professional learning with Mrs Menner, and have been inspired to attempt and develop their teaching in reading and writing as a result...

I have no hesitation in recommending Mrs Menner as she is a dynamic and engaging professional who is clearly aware of both the possibilities and cnstraints in the classroom learning environment."

Gemm D'Angelo, Head of Junior Schooling, Pedare Christian College


"Her workshops provide teachers with up to the minute teaching strategies in Reading, Writing and Oral Language that can be directly applied to the classroom. Her focus on differentiating the curriculum within the classroom setting is superb. Margaret has provided the teaching staff with very practical tools to use and guiding principles to structure their programs. She pitches her workshops to the needs of the teachers and draws on her teaching background from Kindergarten to Year 6.

Margaret is a presenter who is clear, articulate and has a lovely sense of humor that puts the staff at ease. It has been wonderful to work with her over the year; she has provided a professional development program for our school that fits in with our teaching pedagogy. She listens to your ideas and teachers' needs as well as finds solutions to concept dreams and ensures that the school gets the very best."

Deborah Dickenson, Head of the Junior School, Methodist Ladies' College.


".I thoroughly enjoy and benefit from in-services with Margaret every time I am fortunate enough to work with her. I recommend her to any leadership team wanting to engage their staff in undertaking positive changes to their teaching of literacy."

Margaret Miller, Deputy Principal and Literacy Coordinator, Hicks Avenue Primary School


"Easy manner to listen to, lots of new ideas, good audience involvement"

Mariann Krause, Ingle Farm Primary School


"This conference has been fantastic, thanks! Very clearly explained and in a way which I will remember information."

Renee Buckland, Berri Primary School


"The T&D about the literacy block you presented was so excellent that I rushed home and made most of these activities"

Anne Kenny, Augusta Park Primary School




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